Welcome to the very temporary home of the still-in-the-making Re/Balance book.

This is the main premise: client / agency relationships are unbalanced. Clients take most of the risks, but also most of the rewards (if things go well). Agencies take far less risks, their income almost guaranteed regardless of actual product performance. I believe this is the source of many of the behaviours we see in the industry.

Re/Balance is an attempt at exploring why we have the problems that we have and an attempt at exploring a different kind of relationship between clients and agencies. A new relationship based on collaboration, empathy and humility. A new relationship with a more equal split of risk and reward where clients relinquish a bit of control and agencies step up and take a bigger responsibility in defining what the solution to the problem is.

You can get the book for free (or contribute) in the Re/Balance page on Leanpub.

If you have already read the book and want to provide feedback, please head to this Typeform.

You can read more about how all this happened on my blog.

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